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Lemme try dis, I'll do positives and negatives

I really like how the hair was done and transparency so u can she her eyes. The shading on the dress is also very impressive *w*b
The pose really shows Atsuris personality and is very sweet

I'm sure ur heard this enough but bby that head is too big. Which means that her feet and hands are too small too. Maybe make the heads more around then oval and make them eyes smaller
I find her left hand pretty strange too. There shouldn't be such a gap between the little finger and the others like that, makes it look like a weird thumb.
Finally I don't like how thick the lineart is on the scarf and her legs. It would be a good idea to keep the size of the brush the same for all parts of the drawing unless something is closer/further away perspective wise. Or at least colour the lines in (personally I hate that bit though so I undersatnd if u don't want to :'P )

To conclude your colouring is very nice, it's just ur anatomy and lineart u could practise I bit on :>
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