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hello there :>
i don't like it when i see an artist has requested a critique and no one has bothered :iconlazeplz: so here i go

. the pose and anatomy looks very good so far
. her face and hair look very sweet and i like the detail you put into them

. her arms are my main issue, her right arm should be shorter after her elbow cause if she straightened her arm her hands would be past her knees
. her left hand looks awkward. 1st it is bigger then her right hand, and the position of her fingers looks uncomfortable. Instead of her middle finger going to her ring finger i could just be straight, plus the hand should be more under the cup (if that makes any sense). Here are some images that might help you [link] [link] [link] if those aren't really what you were imaging then I say you can always take a cup and hold it your self in the way you want and ref that C:
. I would personally give her a bigger forehead, by just raising the hair/fringe higher, but that is more down to style then proportions

So, overall i really like the anatomy and how this drawing has started, but to improve it you can fix the hand/arms. I look forward to seeing the final picture :iconcoolplz:
good luck and I hope you found some help in this critique
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